Chesapeake Shipbuilding is the most successful shipyard and naval architecture firm of its kind in the United States today.

About Chesapeake Shipbuilding

With over thirty years of direct industry experience, we have become a leading designer and builder of a notable array of commercial ships up to 450 feet in length. Our vessels operate all over the world and are suited for inland waterway or ocean service. Our specialization in the design and construction of passenger vessels, tugboats, ferry boats, etc., has enabled us to develop an unrivaled expertise in this field.

Our staff of naval architects works closely with clients to design a vessel that exactly matches their needs and requirements. We have numerous proven stock designs, can produce original designs to meet any need, or can work with a client’s own architect or designer. Because we design everything we build, we have the capability to produce carefully customized: luxurious small cruise ships, tug boats, oil supply boats, restaurant boats, and passenger and vehicle ferries. Our coastal cruise ships are the largest built to meet U.S. Coast Guard and/or SOLAS regulations.

  • Towboats

  • AHTS Vessels

  • OSVs

  • Tugboats

  • Cruise Ships

  • Ferries


Chesapeake Shipbuilding’s construction yard is located on 13 acres of level land, with more than 2000 ft. of deepwater bulkhead, along the protected waters of Maryland’s Wicomico River.  We have 2 construction basins, 3 level construction/side launch systems, plus a ground transfer system and various hull fabrication buildings and shops.  In the last year, we have added 2 new hull fabrication buildings, giving us the capability to construct complete tugs in a controlled environment. Those buildings are outfitted with automatic welding equipment, a compressed air system, and a rail system that allows vessels to be moved to the launch ways. With Maryland’s mild weather, a great workforce and our convenient location near the marine suppliers in Norfolk, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, we are usually able to deliver custom vessels in record time.

Accepting Resumes

Chesapeake Shipbuilding is the most successful shipyard and naval architecture firm of its kind in the United States. Watch the video to learn more and click below to apply.


Chesapeake Shipbuilding is pleased to offer great opportunities for qualified professionals to join one of the leading shipbuilding teams in the country.